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SDH Linens LogoSDH LINENS offers an all-natural line, brushed with richly-hued color which comes from combining colored and natural shade jacquards. The dyed yarns are processed using low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes and methods. Incorporating color into all natural themes, extends the palette for the discriminating home.


If L&S does not have your selection in stock, it is necessary to order from the warehouse. SDH takes shrinkage into consideration in sheeting only. Because of L&S knowledge of textile shrinkage, other products may need to be custom ordered. If the inventory is in Europe and to be manufactured, this presents the possibility of ordering bespoke as the time frame may make little difference at this point.

CUSTOM ORDERS (aka, Bespoke)

SDH does not always consider pattern placement on factory finished products; nor does SDH take shrinkage into consideration in other products such as tablecloths, runners etc. In order to have the perfect after washing sizes, they must be bespoke and/or custom.

Here are some SDH Linens Styles:

Please call us at (831) 624-7557 to discuss all options.

Aden-by-sdh adlon-by-sdh Allegro-by-sdh anastasia-by-sdh ankara-by-sdh
anna-by-sdh aria-sateen-by-sdh asti-by-sdh bali-by-sdh baton-rouge-by-sdh
bear-baby-by-sdh bellini-by-sdh big-sur-by-sdh camden-by-sdh canterbury-by-sdh
capri-percale-by-sdh checkmate-by-sdh eton-by-sdh filice-by-sdh hibiscus-by-sdh
julia-by-sdh ocatavia-by-sdh Paros-linen-by-sdh tayla-by-sdh